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 About Grey's 

Jeremy and Christina have been in the food truck industry for over 10 years. They have a love for all things SWEET! Jeremy and Christina knew they needed to make their donuts more accessible. And who can’t resist mini donuts? In 2021 their son Greyson was born and soon after so was Grey’s Donuts. Grey LOVES “his” funfetti donuts and enjoys visiting “his” truck. Mia, the family dog, even has some treats onboard that she loves to share with all her doggie friends!

 Meet Grey's Crew



Head donut crew member!

(Since he's Grey's Dadda) 

Jeremy's favorite donut is the Nutella & Chill! 



The one REALLY in charge. 

(Since she's Grey's mamma) 

Christina's favorite donut is The Campfire! 



The most important crew member! 

(Since she's Grey's doggie)


Mia's the reason why Christina will most likely stop and talk to all the dogs! Ask for a doggie treat on Mia! She loves to share! 

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